Changing Views and Practice of Marriage

Discuss ways in which the concept of marriage is changing (and not changing) over time. What do marriage and couples researchers and therapists conducting premarital and marriage counseling need to be aware of in light of these changes? For example, historically, if a couple who presented for premarital counseling stated their intention to live separately, a counselor might wonder about the stability of the relationship. Yet the traditional idea of a “happy couple” consisting of two cohabiting people might be dated. It could be considered unethical to promote a specific view of marriage as a professional without considering differences in how marriage is defined and viewed. What are your thoughts, in light of the unit readings?  Response Guidelines  Respond to at least two other learners. Make your responses are substantive,  referencing the assigned readings and other theoretical, empirical, or professional literature to support your views.  Resources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

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