write paper about self-assessment and reflective for leadership

I have attached a pdf textbook it has everything including chapters and self-assessment for each chapters:

The all work pages is : 11-12 

also, here is the guide line for the assignment:

talk about the self more than definitions on the chapters 

Skills Self-Assessment and Reflective Assignment: 


Sometimes the assessment will ask you to do something that you have not experienced, such as “Think of a full-time job you have had.”  In these cases, adjust – think of a part-time job, or some other situation that you can relate to the questionnaire.   

Assignment Guidelines

Your final submission will consist of FOUR parts, as described below.  The total page restriction is between 9 – 10 pages or more.  Please follow these guidelines closely.  

Part IAnalysis (3-4 pages) or more

· Select THREE assessments that you felt was the most usefuland insightfulfor you. For each of the three assessments share your insights on the following:

· Were you surprised by your findings? If so why?

· Have the findings changed your behaviour in any way?

· What might be the impact on your personal or working life?

· What are the implications and possible consequences of your strength or weakness

Part II Application(3 pages) or more 

Using the three assessments that you have selected, apply what you have learned throughout the course. Some things to think about: 

· How do the concepts studied throughout the semester apply to the insights gleaned from these self-assessments? 

· What is the relevance of each assessment in terms of being an effective leader?

Part III Development Plan(2 pages) or more 

Select ONE of the assessments that you have described from Part I.  Using the insights discovered from this assessment, together with the lessons from the course, create a plantowards improvement. The plan should be detailed and specific. Use the SMART plan as your format.

Part IV Reflection(1 page) or more 

Reflection: In this final page of the assignment, you are to offer some of your own personal reflections on the course and your personal thoughts on leadership.  What is the single most important thing that you have learned about leadership? Why is it important? How did it change your thinking? How can you apply it to benefit your life and the lives of others?

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