DUE in 3 hours

DUE in 2 Hours

Watch these two videos and answer the following questions. 5-7 sentence each answer.



1. What is your reaction to the concept of paying student athletes discussed in the video given that college athletics is a huge business?


2. What are some of the ethical issues both for and against paying student athletes?


3. The video clip mentions that the president of the NCAA earns $1.7 million, some college coaches earn millions of dollars, and some colleges receive huge sums in TV revenue, while the people who play the sports are not permitted to receive any monetary compensation. Is this situation ethical? Discuss.


4. Ed O’ Bannon   played college basketball at UCLA and his image was used in a video game. O’ Bannon   successfully sued the NCAA in order to receive compensation for use of his image in the game. Do you agree that O’ Bannon   should be able to receive money for use of his image even if he was still a college athlete? Explain your rationale.




5. What is your reaction to the cheating scandal at the University of North Carolina? Do you believe Coach Roy Williams explanation that he did not know about the “fake” classes his students were taking? 




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