Journal: Supervision and Management Style

When it comes to supervising and managing personnel in human services organizations, everyone has his or her own leadership style. Some styles are effective and supportive; others may be ineffectual and unhelpful. When supervising and managing staff, it is important for human services administrators to first identify their leadership style and examine personal strengths and weaknesses related to their leadership style. Understanding how to utilize strengths and address weaknesses in leadership style is important for administrators to be both effective and supportive when supervising and managing.

In order to complete the Application Assignment, you must first complete the “Types of Leadership and Patterns of Management” interactive graphic provided in the Learning Resources. Once you have done so, take note of your leadership style and think about your areas of strengths and weaknesses.

After completing the self-assessment tool in this week’s Learning Resources, reflect on the results.By Day 7

Post in your Journal a description of your leadership style based on the leadership assessment. Based on your leadership style, analyze your strengths and weaknesses in supervising and managing personnel. Describe your plan for addressing any weaknesses. Explain how you might specifically use one of your strengths on the job to supervise and manage personnel.

Suggested length: approximately 250–500 words (1–2 pages).

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