Online Course Syllabus

Online Course Syllabus

In this assignment, you will create a course syllabus that will accompany the course you began planning in Week One.

Read the following materials:
How to improve your teaching with the course syllabus The purposes of a syllabus

Create a Course Syllabus
As you create your course syllabus, keep in mind the purpose of a syllabus, as well as the major roles that Parkes & Harris (2002) present. You want your syllabus to reflect these. The Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Evaluation Instrument  contains explanations of each item and can be used as a worksheet as you develop your own syllabus.

Download and review the instrument and each of the objectives outlined in the nine sections as described below:
Course Overview and Introduction (8 objectives)
Assessment and Evaluation of Student Learning (6 objectives)
Instructional Materials and Resources Utilized (6 objectives)
Students Interaction and Community (7 objectives)
Facilitation and Instruction (8 objectives)
Technology for Teaching and Learning (5 objectives)
Learner Support and Resources (4 objectives)
Accessibility and Universal Design (7 objectives)
Course Summary and Wrap up (3 objectives)

Refer to each item as you are developing your own syllabus.

In the previous courses you’ve taken as part of the Online Education Specialization, you practiced creating various course elements that might be located in a syllabus where you can utilize what you’ve created. If the course you are creating is unrelated to any of your past work, don’t worry. Your course syllabus should reflect the course you’re creating here in EDU609. 

In a Word document, create a course syllabus that includes the following:
Course Description
Course Materials
Course Objectives
Course Expectations
Code of Ethics
Technical Requirements (if using that material)
Support services and resources available to support students in achieving their educational goals
Accessibility information and policies related to the online course environment
Late Work Policy
Grading Scale

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