2 Discussion questions

Discussion 1 Research DiscussionResources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. How Do I Find Peer-Reviewed Articles? Is This Journal Article Peer-Reviewed? Persistent Links and DOIs. Finding Articles for Your Discussion Post. Forming a Search Strategy.

Use the Capella University Library to locate a peer-reviewed journal article that focuses on an issue or concern that African Americans face in the workplace. After reading the article, report on it in this discussion.  Please use research that is within the last five years. 

Include the numbered headings below in your post.Summarize the important points of the peer-reviewed article.What was the focus?How did the author approach the issue (literature review, research, interviews, et cetera)?What were the results? Describe how you could apply the information you learned in the article to your current or future work situation.Is there an advocacy, communication approach, or other alternative method that could be implemented to address the issue or concern mentioned?Explain how you could use this information in any or all of the following four ways:  educating others, advocacy, supervision, or program development.Cite and reference your text and the peer-reviewed journal article in your initial post.  Use the links in the Resources to help you.Include the journal article’s persistent link. Use the links in the Resources to help you.

Discussion 2 Managing DiversityResources Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.

In your initial post, answer the following questions about managing diversity:Why is it important for managers to understand diversity management from both a managerial and legal perspective?If you were a diversity educator, how would you frame the importance of understanding and abiding by the legal dimensions of diversity within the larger framework of managing diversity in organizations?


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