Environmental exploratory paper

Exploratory Paper Due

Final Environmental Communication Exploratory Paper Due

Due: Dec 11, 2017 at 12:59 AM

The study of environmental issues concerns more than any single academic discipline, which is why environmental scholars often refer to environmental studies as interdisciplinary (a focus on the integration of knowledge between and among disciplines) or transdisciplinary (it trancsends any disciplinary framework). Therefore, the final project in this class is an environmental communication exploratory research paper with the purpose of examining, exploring, and learning about a particular environmental issue in much greater detail. The research element involves not only a search for academic articles and books/book chapters on the chosen environmental topic, but exploring at least two, and perhaps as many as four different disciplinary perspectives on the chosen topic. There will be three essential structural elements of the exploratory analysis: a) an identification of the environmental issues, including definition of key terms, related theories or philosophies of the issue, description of findings within the research, b) an identification of each of the disciplines explored for the topic, including a discussion of the similarities and differences about the topic across the chosen disciplines, and c) how and why environmental communication may play a role in the environmental issues assessment, including whether other disciplines actually include communication findings and issue importance, what role communication scholars might play in the topic across disciplines, and how environmental communication framing can help broaden or improve the individual and social understanding of the environmental issue. All communication majors must use APA, for students from other departments, either APA or MLA writing styles are acceptable. The paper will be 5-8 paged in length and must have a minimum of 6 academic sources. Remember that 6 sources is the minimum, they must be academic, and they must reach across at least two different disciplines that focus on your environmental issue choice (I could forsee a student choosing two articles/book chapters from 3 disciplines to meet this requirement). For students who expect an “A” on this project, adding a few more articles is suggested (but that depends on quality of sources and topic choices).This assignment is specifically targeted to address department learning goal 1 and course learning objective 3. The due date for this e Please see the attached grading rubric for this assignment:

 Exploratory Research Paper Rubric-2.docx

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