few philosophy questions and a short essay about hip-hop

The midterm is composed of two parts: vocabulary and short essay. Your answers must be typed using standard format 12 inch font, Times New Roman with one inch margins. 

Part I: Vocabulary (40 points)

Briefly define the following terms used by the philosophers we studied and discussed in class and lecture:

1. Hip Hop’s 5 Elements

2. Sociogeny

3. Nihilism

4. Racial Identity

5. Ethnic Identity

6. Asymmetrical Invisibility

7. Prohibited Actions

8. Permissible Actions

9. Obligatory Actions

10. Supererogatory Actions

11. Classical Racialism

12. Critical Racialism

13. Primary Goods

14. Social Goods

15. Objectification

16. The gaze

17. Gender Performativity

18. Authenticity

19. Binary thinking

20. Eminem Enima

Part II: Short Essay (60 points)

Answer the question below. Do not write a title page or works cited page. Do not go over 3 double-spaced pages. This exercise is asking you to synthesize different views, put them in conversation with each other and draw out implications of the author’s arguments. 

1.    1.  Do Lil Kim’s raps challenge sexist binaries according to Kathryn Gines and Cheryl Keyes? 


You must support your interpretation of how these philosophers respond to this question by providing some direct quotes from their articles with MLA style parenthetical citations. Please quote sparingly and be very selective in the few short quotes you use. No large block quotes that take up a lot of space or a flurry of little quotes that drown out your own words/voice. Also remember to be mindful of drawing out the implications of a quote. Interpret what it means because just citing a piece of textual evidence is not always sufficient. In an explanation you have to briefly unpack the quote so the reader can understand the force of the argument. 

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