8.2 – Case Study: Is Hiring on the Basis of Looks Justified or Discriminatory?           Complete the answers to the five questions at the end of Case 35, “Is Hiring on the Basis of Looks Justified or Discriminatory?, pp. 708-711.

1. What are the legal and ethical issues in this case?

2. What is your evaluation of the concept of the “A&F look?”  Have you personally observed this concept in practice?

3. Are the employment practices of A&F discriminatory?  Are they unfair?  What ethical principles or precepts guide your analysis? Since Abercrombie did not admit guilt, does the settlement bring closure to this issue of “looks” discrimination?

4. What could A&F and other retailers be doing, that they are not doing, that would make their hiring practices less controversial?

5. Where do you draw the line on A&F’s hiring practices? Are there acceptable ways in which they could pursue “the look” in employment? If so, how do you determine what is acceptable and what is not?


Use ;


Carroll, A. B., &Buchholtz, A. K. (2012).Business and society: Ethics, sustainability, and stakeholder management (8thed.). Florence, KY: South-Western College Publishing .


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