MGMT 411 Unit 1 invidual project


Deliverable Length: 

5-7 slides

Your boss has come to you and told you that the board members of your company have always been curious as to what exactly a operations manager is, and they don’t understand how it is a different job from a supply chain manager. 

You have been asked to develop a short presentation on comparing and contrasting operations management to supply chain management.  Create a      5–7 slide presentation for the board members Compare how      operations management is similar to supply chain management  Consider:       forecasting, scheduling, managing inventories, locating (location of)       facilities  Describe      how operations management and supply chain management are different  Consider:       production, distribution, quality assurance  Include      other similarities and differences that you feel are important Include      your speaker notes on each slide so your boss can      familiarize himself with your presentation before you present it to the      board members. 

Note: Please go into detail about each aspect you cover and do not simply list them.

For more information on creating PowerPoint Presentations, please visit the PowerPoint Lab.


Grading   Criteria

%   of grade for this assignment


Compare   how operations management is similar to supply chain management. 



Consider:   forecasting, scheduling, managing inventories, locating (location of)   facilities



Consider:   production, distribution, quality assurance. Include other similarities and   differences that you feel are important.



Include speaker   notes on each slide so your boss can familiarize himself with the   presentation before it is presented it to the board members.



At   least 3 non-course related sources are used with proper APA citation and   references



The   sentences are skillfully constructed, effective, and varied. Words used are   vivid, accurate, and original. The writing is without serious flaws in   grammar or mechanics. APA conventions are consistently followed.


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