MN 504 unit 6 DQ 1


MN504: Inquiry and Evidence Based Practice

Unit 6: Quantitative Analysis and The Research Critique Process

Topic 1: Measurement Scales

Quantitative analysis requires the use of numeric data to describe and interpret the results. The types of numeric data collected will determine what statistics can be utilized.

1. Please provide a definition of the nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio scales and develop a simple chart with an example of each and specifying the types of statistics that might be used with each as follows: 


Type   of Data


Statistical   Procedure


Nominal   (provide definition)


Ordinal   (provide definition)


Interval   (provide definition)


Ratio   (provide definition)

2. Conclude your discussion with a reflection on how statistics might be utilized in your own evidence-based practice.

3. Provide at least three citations with full references to credible nursing scholarly articles supporting your definitions and discussion.

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