outline and sources.


Human Trafficking: Policy Perspective and Interventions.


Provide a 1−2-page outline on a global social problem that is currently impacting our world and strategies of change that can advance social and economic justice. You must demonstrate an understanding of the forms and mechanisms of oppression and discrimination that influence this issue. Be sure to include at least 5 references using APA formatting.



 Global   Issue:


Global issue is defined within 1 solid paragraph; i.e. general   overview of concern/social problem, nation(s) identified, population(s) impacted and effective and failed policies regarding the social problem. 



At least 2 strategies of change specific to oppression and   discrimination to advance both economic and social justice are identified. 


List at least 5 interventions to address the global social problem.



All sources (information and graphics) are relevant and accurately documented in current APA format. Use at least 5 sources.



11:59 pm (ET). Monday (12/04/2017).

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