SOC:2000 u04a1:Assignment

[u04a1] Unit 4 Assignment 1 Topic Selection and Data CollectionResources Topic Selection and Data Collection Scoring Guide. Observation Guide. Guide to Constructing a Questionnaire. How to Do a Content Analysis. Capella Library.

By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assignment criteria:Competency 1: Evaluate theoretical ideas of power in relation to policy.Choose a research method that is appropriate and sociological in scope and describes this method.Selects and discusses an appropriate measurement tool.Competency 2: Assess the historical influence of discrimination issues in American culture.Summarizes the issue and explains its importance.Competency 4: Critically evaluate the application of existing policies based upon race or gender.Refers to relevant sociological theories or concepts from the course reading.Competency 5: Communicate effectively in a variety of formats.Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.Final Project AudioFinal Project Description

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Click on “Final Project Audio” for a description and expectations for the final project. You should also review the Measuring Diversity in a Social Environment course project description so that you can better judge how this assignment will fit into it.

For this project component, you will collect real time data using either an observational method or a questionnaire to analyze how people perceive or react to race based on a topic you find interesting. This can be about a specific policy, like affirmative action or early retirement, or in a specific setting (discrimination in the mall or at work). Other interesting ideas might include observing different races or genders of children at play, how folks seat themselves at a sporting event or concert, even how folks interact on mass transit in terms of seating or greeting each other based on race, age or gender. There is a fair amount of flexibility on the setting and variable of interest, as long as it is sociological in scope. You will need a minimum of 20 observations, so be sure to choose a topic and setting large enough to collect data on. See the Resources section for help on how to do observations, questionnaires, and content analysis.

After you have chosen your project topic and data collection tool, write a paragraph that explains what your topic will be, why it is important to consider, and discusses in detail the observation tool or the questionnaire you will use to collect your data. More detailed explanation of this is in the Measuring Diversity in a Social Environment course project description in the Resources section.

For this project component, provide at least 3 sources you will use to discuss the background, theories, or concepts, and to interpret and analyze your findings. You may use a maximum of 2 articles from your texts. At least one source should come from the Capella library or another valid academic source. Do not use Wikipedia, as it is often incorrect and is not considered academically valid.

After you list each reference in appropriate APA format, please provide a summary (1–2 paragraphs) of the concepts, theories or conclusions that you think will contribute to your analysis and interpretation of the data you are collecting. More detailed information for these sections is included in the course project description under the Resources section.RequirementsProvide a summary of the project and present its importance.Choose a current method that is appropriate and sociological in nature.Select an appropriate measurement tool observation checklist, content analysis, or questionnaire (see Resources).Summarize 3 articles, in formal APA format.Make a reference to applicable theory and concepts from the course.Support academic sources and cite properly.Length: 2 pages.

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