SOK ES 2 Management of Planned and Unplanned Termination

PleaseThe Sources are Uploaded and the Provided Links. In Paper Development, In-Text Citations, and Referecne Page, This Assignment’s Sole Resource is: “Evaluation, Termination, and Follow-Up in Generalist Practice “.  Please before excepting this, or other assignments from me be sure you understand requirements. inbox me if you have any questions.


Post by Friday 4/29/16 10pm New York Time a brief description of two potential positive and two potential negative feelings that both you, as the social worker, and the client might feel, regarding the termination of a therapeutic relationship. Then, explain a skill you might use to assist a client with the potential negative feelings. Finally, explain how you might help yourself with your own potentially negative feelings.




Kirst-Ashman, K. K., & Hull, G. H., Jr. (2015). Understanding generalist practice (6th ed.). Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.Chapter 8, Evaluation, Termination, and Follow-Up in Generalist Practice (pp. 289-329)

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