Business Ethics Essay!




I need help with writing essay for my business ethics class. My topic is:

Conscious Capitalism:

Does it Make Sense or is it False Idealism?


Read the following links:


Essay structure:

write a 4 page minimum (double space) essay that incorporates the following features:

 A summary synopsis of the issue in general.  What is the issue?  What is at stake?  Why is it an issue?  What is the importance of the issue?  Etc.A fair summary of both sides of the issue, highlighting and summarizing what is the main argument for each author and what evidence or reasoning is offered in support of the argument—why does the author think you should see the matter her or his way?A critical discussion/evaluation of the arguments on both sides of the issue.  Are there fallacies?  Can you detect the author’s theoretical orientation or theoretical confusion?  Which is the better argument?  Why? A description and discussion of your own personal position in regard to the issue in the context of your critical evaluation.  This should include your reasoning for favoring one side over another.  Take a clear stand on the issue and argue for your position.  If you were required to vote one way or another about the issue, which way would you vote?  Etc.Don’t forget to title your essay.Issues will be weighted for their length, level of difficulty, substance, etc.


You should work these basic points to be covered into a well-constructed essay, with a title, introduction, middle, and conclusion.  The conclusion should summarize the whole essay briefly.  Your essay will be graded for how well it reflects your grasp of the issue and arguments, and how well it re-presents them; its coherence, clarity, completeness, and overall effectiveness of articulation.  Your opinions themselves will NOT be graded but the more or less clear articulation of your opinions will be. 





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