Assignment 3

Assignment 3: The art and science of quantitative data display 

SOAN 355

Spring 2017


Due Date:   TBA


Objective:  The heart of social research is connecting empirical observation (data) with ideas.  This assignment will demonstrate your ability to access secondary source data on forest values, beliefs and attitudes and effectively display those data in tabular and graphical form.  In addition, it will demonstrate your ability to interpret, in clear and concise prose, the patterns displayed in your data.

Description: Using the published articles and data sets we’ve explored this quarter, find, extract, assemble and display quantitative data that measures forest values, beliefs or attitudes in our region.  Using the guidelines presented in class and posted on Moodle, produce both a table and a graph in MSWord or Excel (or Google Docs and Sheets) that presents data you find important to understanding public perspective on forest values in our region.  Remember, a good table or graph is well labeled, easy to read, and includes a source reference.  Keep it simple.  Once you’ve displayed your data, write a short paragraph interpreting what you’ve presented.  In other words, explain why these data are important and what pattern they show. 

Formatting Guidelines: Present your table and graph on two separate pages, each image accompanied by your brief interpretation of the pattern your data highlight in the table and the graph.  The narrative part of this assignment should conform to the common writing conventions for your portfolio.


# I attached some of these studies on forest values, beliefs from our model with this assignment which you can use whatever interested you from these studies. Also I attached an example of the assignment make sure that you do a table, a graph and a short paragraph.

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