EDU 649 Week 3 – Discussion 1


Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Discussion 1

Technology in the Classroom


After reading Chapter 5 of our   text and reviewing the Edutopia article, “From Curriculum to Communication: A School   Immerses Itself in Tech”   and video, Elementary Students Get a Wired Education, required this week, reflect on the level of technology   used in the school. Address the following:

What level of planning do you        believe facilitated integrating the technology into the classrooms?  How does the use of        technology address the five instructional activities (Motivation,        Orientation, Information, Application, Evaluation) listed in our text.  Describe your reaction to the        use of the technology.  Which of the tools would you        feel comfortable using?  Which would you like to know        more about?  Describe a plan for becoming        more comfortable with new technology tools and their implementation in        the classroom.

Your initial response is due by Thursday, Day 3. Respond   to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Monday, Day 7. Your claims   should be supported by assigned readings and/or other academic resources. 

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