Need some one to do heavy research for my assignment

Must be APA format. This is a final paper outline with annotated bibliography. The subject of the paper is Ella, who has been dealing with cancer for years. I am to write the paper as if I were the Social Worker. Ella is dying, and is hospuitalized which causes her stress because she wishes to die at home. Their is some disention in her family as to what should be done now that she is dying. Her Husband being of native American decent has his own ideas.


( There are many element to the outline and bibliography for this paper.) The afore mentioned is due week 3 and the final paper itself is due on wk 5. So I will have to have the outline and the bibliography Monday the 22nd. I intend to write the paper myself and only need help with the week 3 portion of the assignment, especially the Bibliography and research.


I will send all of the assignment instructions via marketplace email to whom I choose to hire to help me.


Whomever I hire MUST be familiar with APA format and able to comply with these standards.

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