Discussion 1

Choose one topic:


Under what circumstances (if any) it permissible to use capital punishment on persons convicted of certain crimes?

Should legal marriage be available to couples of the same sex?

How does the stage of pregnancy affect the morality of abortion?

Should marijuana be legal for recreational use?

Under what conditions is physician-assisted suicide morally acceptable?

Is it ethically acceptable to raise animals for food on factory farms?

What kinds of restrictions on gun ownership (if any) would be beneficial to society?

Should it be legal for employers to discipline or fire employees on the basis of their content aired in social networks, even if this activity was not done on the job?

Next : Create a deductively valid argument for the position. Identify the components and structure of your argument by presenting your deductively valid argument in standard form, and explain how your conclusion follows from your premises.

Standard form example is attached



Discussion 2

Think through the reasoning and determine what premise is (or premises are) missing that would be needed to make the argument valid. You might also consider challenging yourself by choosing from the more difficult examples in the list (at the bottom).

20.  If I wear that cologne then women will love me. I bought that cologne, so women are going to love me.


Write : In your original post, be sure to include the entire original argument, in standard form, with your own added premise (or premises) in bold . After you have presented the argument, include a description of how the conclusion logically follows from the premises. Include also a reflection on whether it seems that the missing premise(s) is likely to be true (in the context). Would there be any way to fix the argument so that it is valid and has all true premises?

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