Religion questions 3

Work 1:

Listen to BOTH of the following examples of gospel music. Choose ONE example to write 3  paragraphs  about.

Name of the song/performer

1. What was your PERSONAL response to the song? (1 paragraph)

2. How does what you saw, heard and felt connect to the materials you’ve read in class? (2 paragraphs)

 #1 Song

Walter Hawkins/Donnie McClurkin, Thank You

 #2 Song

Kirk Franklin, Declaration



Work 2:

Discussion Topic: Based on what you’ve learned so far, how would you respond to Aniol’s assertion that there is no such thing as ‘neutral music?’ [pg 138] Be very clear in your response. 150+ words


Discussion Topic: Why is there such controversy around the validity of Contemporary Christian Music? Use readings to support your opinion. 150+ words



Work 3:

1.     Read Mattison, chapter 2, “Intentions, Good Acts…”

2.     Answer Study Questions 1 & 2 on p. 55

150+ words


Work 4:


Imagine you have been commissioned by a journal to write Merck’s company narrative. (You are doing preparatory work at this stage of your writing.) What would you put in as relevant for the company’s past. How would you (briefly) describe it’s present crisis? With regard to the decision before it, how do you imagine it will go forward into the near future?   150+words

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