SCI 207 week 3 DQ 1


Ashford 5: – Week 3 – Discussion 1

Age of Oil


   As you know, our world is heavily dependent on oil. In Chapter 6 of Contemporary Environmental Issues, you have read that there is concern about the   possibility of reaching a peak in oil production. Describe at least two   alternatives to oil that are currently available and discuss the barriers   that keep these alternatives from replacing oil as our primary means of   energy? Additionally, utilizing at least two scholarly or reputable resources   and your textbook, discuss the role that government plays in ensuring a   transition to such alternatives in a post peak-oil world?

  Your initial post should be at least 150 words in length. Utilize at least   two scholarly or reputable resources and your textbook to support your   claims. Cite your sources in APA format. Respond to at least two of your   classmates’ posts by Day 7.

  Carefully review the Grading Rubric   that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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