DeVry ETHC 445 Week 3 Quiz

Grade Details – All Questions
 1. Question : Inferring a claim based on data is deductive logic, but what happens when the inference circumvents logical reasoning?

  Student Answer:   No one will understand you.

     A fallacy has been committed.

     One has proven to be a good logician.

      One ought to use inductive reasoning.

     The syllogism is sound.


 2. Question : A car salesman says this, in order to get you to buy a new car from him:
“Buddy! You gotta buy this car. You’ve seen the commercials where Governor Ahnold is driving this car, haven’t you? You want to be like him, right?”
This type of faulty logic is an example of _____.

  Student Answer:    hasty generalization

     appeal to authority

     false dilemma

     false analogy

     free wheeling

 3. Question : Are you for or against the war on terrorism?
What fallacy is operating here?

  Student Answer:    Appeal to fear

     Straw man


     Appeal to false authority

      False dilemma


 4. Question : All used car salesmen are crooks.
One of them sold me a lemon.
Beware. Be cautious.
What kind of fallacy is operating here?

  Student Answer:    Hasty generalization

     Appeal to authority

     Special pleading

     Ad hominem reasoning



 5. Question : Measuring our country’s health by measuring the consumption of petroleum
is like measuring a person’s health my how much medical care he or she buys.
What kind of fallacy is operating here?

  Student Answer:   Hasty generalization

      Questionable statistics

      False analogy

      Invalid in form

     Confusing assumptions with facts


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