MN 507 unit1 journal


Each week from Units 1–10, you will participate in a reflective Journal exercise. Reflective writing influences academic learning and self-development. Your Journal assignments are an opportunity to write about what you have learned each week. It is important to show you can link the new knowledge acquisition each week to your own real-life experience and understanding. You will not receive extensive feedback on these Journal entries and your Journal entries will not be read by classmates — only by your professor. Therefore, think of them as being informal pieces of writing intended for you to express yourself. Each Journal assignment should be grammatically correct, in APA format, and a minimum of 300 words.

The Journal tab is located on the toolbar next to the Dropbox. Please write your responses there.

Unit 1 Journal Question:

Explain your understanding of any relationship between public policy, ideology, and health reform.

View the Journal Grading Rubric on the Grading Rubrics page under the Course Home.


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