PHL 443 Week 2 – Mind Body Debate

Week Two Assignment Mind–Body Debate Resources: Selection 3.2: Republic—Plato and Selection 3.4: Meno—Plato in Ch. 3 of Philosophy: The Power of Ideas Imagine philosophers Ren? Descartes and John Searle were in a room discussing the mind–body question. How might their conversation sound? What important elements of the question might they discuss? How might their conversation develop? Create a 700- to 1,050-word dialogue of the mind–body debate from the point of view of Descartes and Searle. Each character must present and critique arguments. Each character’s position must be identifiable. The dialogue does not need to have a final resolution. Include the following issues: Is the mind independent of the body? Is the mind more than the electrical impulses generated by the brain? Descartes believed we can doubt the existence of physical matter, including our bodies, but we cannot deny our conscious minds. Searle believes the mind is a rule-based information processing system. Are the mind and body two separate entities, or are they dependent on each other? Conclude with a 350- to 700-word summary of the dialogue and response. Discuss how your own views relate to the mind–body debate.

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