Soci 1301 writing

For this week’s assignments you will have a choice of which topic you would like to discuss.  There are 5 chapters covered this week.  Please choose from one of the following

Choice 1 – Within the world of education there is an ongoing debate on whether to allow school vouchers that will allow parents to choose which school their children can attend.  The use of the voucher would allow parents to use their tax dollars as tuition payment to a school of their choice.  Explain the pro’s and con’s to the school voucher movement.

Choice 2 – Recently, there was a statistic presented that there are now more single people than married.  As this trend looks to increase in the foreseeable future a question may arise concerning the traditional family.  Is there still a need for a traditional family or has the time come to dismiss the idea of “what used to work” and move towards a new definition of what a family is?  Please utilize the text to explain how position and provide any personal stories that may reinforce your ideas.

Choice 3 – Karl Marx once referred to Religion as the opiate of the masses.  I would like to hear your responses to this and what he meant exactly.  Why would he refer religion as a drug and what is the effect on the Proletariat class? 

Format as follows:

Your  thread needs to be 1 full page of text – Word equivalent (650-700 words).

12 pt font.

Default spacing

References are required when using outside sources of information and you should be using outside sources of information…

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