Society and Human rights

Please  use Michigan or Illinios or Wisconsin or Ohio


Research one of the areas identified by the Human Rights Campaign as important rights issues that vary by state. (Go to: for a list–this is also a good place to begin researching the issue you choose.) Using the information from the Human Rights Campaign, as well as two other current sources, prepare an approximately 1-page summary paper about the issue you selected.

In this summary be sure to address all of the following questions:

1) How are LGBT individuals are treated different from heterosexual individuals with respect to the issue you selected?

2) How do state laws vary with regards to laws or policies on the selected issue?

3) What, if any, are recent changes in the rights of LGBT individuals related to the selected issue.

4) What are some examples, if you can find any, of current work being done to change laws or policies with regards to the selected issue?

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