For this Assignment: Review this week’s Learning Resources. Review the Gitlin & Lyons textbook pp. 82–83 for information on Abstracts.  Review a wide variety of grant RFPs. The funding agency grant can be either an active or a closed grant.  While reviewing the RFPs, think of how you could use each grant in a project. When you find an RFP that matches your project idea, review the literature to determine if your project idea has been addressed in the way you are proposing. If it has, then move on until you have a novel project idea that can be funded by an RFP.

In a 3- to 5-page paper, address the following:

Part I: Provide the title or description of the grant for which you will apply. Add the most appropriate hyperlink (URL) for identifying the RFP. What makes you confident that this RFP is worth pursuing? How did you evaluate the RFPs? What type of search engine did you use? What are the selected funding agency’s goals and applicant eligibility? Finally, explain why you selected this RFP.

Part II: Write an abstract of 500 words or less that includes the following: Describe your project. What are you proposing to do? Why is it significant and innovative? Explain what led you to this project. Describe the purpose of your project and why you believe it should be funded. Explain how and why your project is a better solution than what is currently being done to solve the problem.  Provide evidence-based information in support of your stance.

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