Explanation Presentation

Source Requirement: For this presentation you are required to use at least three (3) credible sources. If you fail to use the appropriate number of acceptable sources you may be penalized twenty (20) points on your presentation grade. Additionally, using websites such as Wikipedia, About.com, AskJeeves, or other such online encyclopedias will result in an automatic zero (0) for the presentation grade. Finally, although encouraged, interviews, personal correspondence, atlases, dictionaries and encyclopedias do not count toward your total number of sources—though they must be listed in the bibliography and properly cited within the outline.


Topic: The theme of this course is “Control” and “gun”


 Task: Students will explain a complicated subject related to the course theme in 4 minutes to a classmate. The listener will be randomly assigned on the day of the presentation. The listener must pay close attention to the speaker. The speaker will ask the listener a question regarding the explanation within the 4 minutes. For example, “can you give me an example,” “think of a way/time when you experienced this,” “how do you make sense of this.” This question should require the listener to apply the material from the explanation in a way that demonstrates their understanding. These questions should not be geared toward offering an opinion, such as the following: “How do you feel about this?” “What are your thoughts on this issue?” “Do you believe what I am telling you?” At the conclusion of the presentation the listener will also record his/her answers to a list of questions pertaining to his/her partner’s presentation. The “answers” will be part of the speaker’s grade as well as the listener’s grade. All students will have the opportunity to play both roles at least once. 


400 words, must be explanation!!!! 

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