Intervention planning


Assignment #4: Intervention Planning (30% of overall grade)


Meets Criteria listed below:

Utilizing the same case from Assignment #2 Assessment   Planning, provide an Intervention Planning Paper that includes the following:


Clearly state the   problem/diagnosis and diagnosis  code(including the contributing factors) to be addressed AND the rationale for why this is the   problem 


Clearly define the  goals for treatment (must pass the SMART test) AND who will be involved in the treatment intervention(s), what their   role will be and why


For EACH goal, clearly define the objectives (actions steps) (must also be SMART)


Provide an evaluation   plan.  Include answers to ALL of the questions below:

1· what   you will track and measure AND the rationale

2· How   exactly will the evaluation be conducted?

3· What   information will you need to do the evaluation?

4· When   will the evaluation occur?

5· Who   will conduct the evaluation?

6· What   are some barriers to conducting the evaluation?

7· What   are some solutions to these barriers?


Describe in detail  at least ONE Brief Treatment   Behavioral Therapy that will be used in the treatment plan and provide a rationale for why it is appropriate   to use with the client


Identify and address any ethical challenges and social justice issues related to the   treatment intervention(s)


Paper is in APA   format and grammatically correct and a minimum of 8 pages

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