Intro to Social Science. 5 Questions

Your answers must include sufficient detail. Please note that very short answers consisting of one or two sentence answers will not be given credit. Of the six disciplines (sociology, anthropology, psychology, gerontology, political science, economics) we discussed in this course choose 3 disciplines,and describe 5 ways in which those  selected disciplines relate to one another.Of the six disciplines we explored in this course, which discipline appeals to you the most? Why? Which appeals to you the least? Why? (Need some detail here. Specifically, avoid providing very short answers).Compare and contrast micro-economics and macro-economics. Provide examples where necessary.What are the advantages of using more than one disciplinary perspective to understand and resolve important social issues? Select one current social issue as an example and show briefly how that particular issue can be examined from two disciplinary perspectives.Describe in your own words what you understand by the term “business cycle.” (Need some detail here. Specifically, avoid providing very short answers).

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