Simple and straightforward paper

Choose one of the following crimes for discussion:  child abuse, rape and sexual assault, stalking, domestic violence or human trafficking.  Choose the topic carefully because it will be explored in all three essays.


Research and then write a small two page or longer, but less than ten page double spaced paper about government agencies a victim is likely to encounter when the chosen crime is reported to police. For example: What is the role of the police as it relates to the victim?  The role of the criminal justice system?  The role of social services agencies?  The role of health care? 

Funding streams for government agencies should be mentioned.  The amount of detail included about funding mechanisms may be chosen by the student.  Media may or may not be included in the paper as a discussion point.


Write at least one paragraph about the victim’s contact with each agency.  For example: A person calls the police after a mugging.  Who might be the first point of contact? What is that person’s role?  What is that person trained to ask or assess?  What are the next possible points of contact? 

Include in this paper information about the role of the victim in interactions with these agencies. Be clear about the agencies duties and responsibilities to the victim.


Grading:  Spend time with literature, especially academic literature.  Wikipedia is a good start, but the student must progress to academic literature.  Popular media may be used to enhance the paper.   Grading will be determined by depth of investigation, accuracy of the answer and ability to clearly articulate findings.

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