Social Work class


Service Learning Reflection [20 points—due 12/1]

The final assignment of the course is to examine your service learning experience and how it fits with social welfare concepts discussed throughout the course. The paper will include a brief description of your service learning experience, a critical examination of your own personal growth and connection to the experience, and conclude with a connection to 2 relevant course content areas. Due Friday, December 1st. 

The components of this paper are as follows:

Service Learning Description

Provide a brief description of your service learning experience.  Include the agency where you performed your SL hours, the primary population with whom you worked, and your primary activities during this experience.  This section should be no more than half a page in length.

Personal Growth and Connection 

Assess your strengths and challenges working in your SL setting.  What came easily to you?  What was more difficult?  How did your strengths and challenges affect your service learning experience?  Also – what assumptions did you have prior to the SL experience?  Assumptions can be about the population, the agency setting, or people who work in the agency setting.  Did your SL experience fit with these assumptions?  Or did they differ?  Based on your strengths, challenges, and assumptions, what changes would you make for future SL or community engagement projects?  This section should be approximately 1 – 2 pages.

Connection to Course Content

Connect your SL experience to at least 2 content areas covered in class (poverty, social welfare history, child welfare, hunger and nutrition, etc.)  Use your textbook, class materials (with proper citation), or other references to explain how these two areas connect to your experience.  Did your SL experience challenge or reinforce what we learned in class?  How? And what reasons might exist for these differences? This section should be approximately 1 – 2 pages.


APA format, grammar, flow, style, spelling, uses appropriate citation of text and course materials and 5 pages in length, not including the reference or title page.

Rubric (on next page):


Points Possible


Service   Learning Description – Provide a   brief, but thorough description of:

The agency where you completed your hours Primary population served Your activities/duties



Personal   Growth and Connection – Provide a   thorough, critical, and thoughtful examination of:

Personal strengths and challenges in the SL        setting Personal assumptions related to your SL        experience Fit between assumptions and SL experience Changes for future SL or community engagement



Connection   to Course Content – Integrate your SL   experience with material covered in class:

2 content areas How SL challenged/reinforced course material Possible reasons for differences between        experience and content



Writing:  APA format, grammar, flow, style, spelling,   uses appropriate citation of course material, and a minimum of 5 pages in length, not including the reference or   title page.





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