DQ1 and DQ2


Read Chapter 20 on the different types of developing countries. Check which of those countries is a member of the United Nations. 

Answer the following question:

Pick one of the least developed countries and write how membership in the United Nations can help it solve its major problems. Must 250 words APA Format


In preparation for this discussion activity, begin by reading Chapter 21 in your textbook on the U.S. policy of preemption and review the following video: U.S. Presidential Advisor defends use of drones in Pakistan (cbsnews.com)

Answer the following question:The use of drones by the United States in Pakistan has killed hundreds of civilians and destroyed thousands of dollars of private property in an impoverished society. Should this policy of preemption continue in Pakistan? Why or why not? Must be 250 words APA Format

The text used for both discussion questions is Social Science: An Introduction to the Study of Society 15th Edition by Elgin F. Hunt

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