EDU 655 Week 2 – Assignment 1 E-Learning Activity in the Online Environment


Ashford 3: – Week 2 – Assignment 1


E-Learning Activity in the Online Environment

A lesson accomplishes a complete learner goal. Lessons can vary in length. Lessons can include text, graphics, voice, animation, video, and more. Select a lesson of interest to you (or your current class or company), conduct a needs assessment and create the lesson. Your lesson should provide 5 to 10 minutes of instruction and should be geared towards an online environment. When developing your lesson, consider your audience, media integration, different ways of presenting information, and how your students will be engaged by your activity. 

For example, you might determine based on the needs      assessment, your students need to learn to become better critical      thinkers. You will therefore develop your lesson around teaching your      students the intellectual standards and elements of reasoning used by Dr.      Paul from Berkley University showcased at this article:Using Intellectual      Standards to Assess Student Reasoning.

     Based on your students, who learn best by visuals and audio, you develop a      multimedia podcast using Jing to post as your lecture. 

 Create your lesson using any of the following learning technologies and use Jing to screencast your lesson:

Word or PDF document  PowerPoint presentation  Blog (submit the Web address of your blog)  Video (submit the Web address of your video)  Podcast (submit the Web address of your podcast) 

To perform your needs assessment, address the following: 

What do you know?  What do you want to know?   What are you trying to measure, determine, or define?  How will you collect and record information.  How will you report the information you collect?  Are all interested groups included in planning and      conducting the needs assessment? 

Once you develop your lesson, post your work in the “Document Sharing” tab titled Week1YourfullnameTitleofLesson, i.e., Week1asheanCriticalThinking. For instructions on how to use Doc Sharing, please see the following pdf.

You will then review your peer’s work in the document sharing section of the course. Although you are not required to evaluate your peers formally, consider reading their lesson and using the experience to share constructive feedback with them and/or gain new ideas that can be used in your own work.

You must also submit your lesson plan through the Assignment Submission button for grading. Be sure to submit a Word document title page along with your completed assignment.

Carefully review the Grading Rubric for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.

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