A World of Art devotes a significant portion of Chapter 6 to how time and motion can be expressed through works of art (pp. 121-131). For this discussion, think about how you would use art to portray your life (or specific events/periods of time in your life) and propose a work of art based on your biography. Some things to consider:

1. What span of time will you consider as the subject matter for your artwork? Would you portray your whole life story, certain parts of it, or several scenes from one significant moment in your life?

2. What medium (photography, painting, drawing, video, cartoon strip, 3D sculpture, etc.) would best capture the sequence of events? Explain. 

3. Is there an emphasis or focal point in your story? How would you convey this visually?

4. How might you use scale and proportion to emphasize the most important parts of the story?

5. How could you use balance and symmetry, or pattern and rhythm, to convey information about the story?

6. Review the formal elements discussed in Chapters 3-5: line, shape, light, and color. How would you use these elements in your design to tell your story and get your message across?

You don’t need to discuss all of these questions in detail, but choose a few to focus your discussion on. Although it is not required, you are more than welcome to sketch or create the work of art that you describe, take a photo of it, and post it here. 

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