BUS 308 Week 4 Complete

Week Four

Required Readings

1. Chapter 9: Hypothesis Testing
2. Chapter 12: Chi-Square Tests


Hypothesis Test. Give an example of a hypothesis test you could perform at work or at home. State what the Null and the Alternative hypotheses would be in your test. Explain how you would settle on a reasonable level of significance for your scenario. Also explain what the type I and II errors would be if you reached the incorrect conclusion in your test. 

Creating Hypotheses. Assume you are the manager of a paint manufacturing factory. Your company has received complaints from customers that the containers hold less than the amount printed on them. On the other hand, corporate management is concerned that the containers hold more than the standard amount. You assign a statistician to verify these claims. A sample of containers was selected and the volume of paint in each container was measured. Assuming that the volume printed on each container is 1 gallon, how would you formulate the null and alternative hypotheses to test the customers’ claim? As a manager, what reasonable criteria will you use to set a value for the level of significance to be used in the test? After answering this question, what type of error would you suppose may result in that case? 


1. Due Day 6. Week Four Quiz. Complete the quiz on the assigned readings for the week.


Week Four Problems. Complete the following problems from the textbook and submit them as a Word file. When appropriate, you may use either Excel or Megastat to complete (see tutorials in chapter appendices).

Chapter 9: 9.13, 9.22
Chapter 12: 12.10, 12.18(a)

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