HCA 459 week 3 DQ 2


Ashford 4: – Week 3 – Discussion 2

Committees and Teams


   Select either Option A or Option B to respond to and indicate within your   post which option you chose.

Option   A: Identify   what you believe are the top three challenges in setting up a hospital-based   committee from a managerial perspective.  In a 250- to 300-word post,   discuss your rationale and address the following questions:  Why are committees        advantageous for health care organizations?  What are some of the steps        that you as a manager, could take to overcome these challenges?  How would you address        conflict and/or divisiveness within the committee or team? 

 Option B : Committees have been determined   as a necessary component to health care organizations.  As a manager,   you have been tasked to set up a committee with one of the hospital   departments.  In doing so, consider the following questions:   How much influence should the        committee have in the overall management structure?  How would you maintain        authority without adopting an autocratic leadership style?  How would you set up an        employee team without violating union and labors laws? 

 Guided   Response for Option A and Option B : Review several of your classmates’   posts. Provide a substantive response to at least two of your peers. Do you   agree or disagree with their analyses?  Would you suggest any changes to   the management styles they discussed?  Consider a situation from your   own life where you were part of an ineffective team, what specific issues did   you face?  Would their suggestions have worked in that situation?  

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