Liberal Arts/Criminal Justice

When responding to discussion topics, copy the information requested and respond below it. If there are multiple questions, separate each accordingly. Avoid a phrase or sentence that does nothing to add to their presentation. Your discussion is important to the writer of the 1st Post. This response is particularly important, as it provides the first level of evaluation of the questions your classmates are considering for the focus of their capstone projects. 

Capstone Topic Choices (I’m open to suggestions)

Share with your classmates some of the topics you are considering exploring or showcasing in your capstone project. If you have already determined a topic or subject, suggest alternatives that would interest you if it were not possible to pursue your first choice for any reason. 

Be sure to include in your post a major question that you will need to answer in your capstone project. Consider that the major question you offer should be answered by 3 or 4 sub-questions, which you should include in your post. (In answering these sub-questions, you will answer the major question.) Do not ask any questions that require a yes or no answer. 

Settling on which questions to answer is the base of your capstone project. Once you have organized and revised your sub-questions that answer your major question, you are on the road to success. 

Review the Discussion Forum Evaluation Rubric to understand how your participation in this discussion will be evaluated.

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