MN 550 Unit 9 assignment


Unit 9: Developing Your Trajectory toward Becoming an NP

Unit 9 Assignment

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NP Career Trajectory 

For this assignment, you will develop your plan to become an NP. First, take time to examine the roles of the advanced practice nurse within the context of the United States healthcare delivery system. Identify your preferred areas of practice (e.g. populations, geographical locations, clinical settings, etc.) and necessary steps to reach this goal (including acquiring licensure, certification, DEA numbers, etc.). Identify who you will draw upon for professional support. Further, identify areas of involvement, such as research, policy, etc., that you would like to be involved in and create your plan for lifelong learning and professional development. Be sure to use the grading rubric as an outline for developing your paper!

Your paper should be 7-10 pages (excluding the title and reference pages).

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