Sexual assault in schools

3-5-page paper

 NAU’s sexual assault policy analysis


1.    Policy Analysis:


A.      The policy being addressed:

·      Describe the general life-area that the policy seeks to address: e.g. civic, environment, energy, human services etc. – should be a paragraph or so….

·      What was the problem that the policy was devised to address (you should produce evidence if possible – or guess if you have to)?  – could be several paragraphs long and should have references

·      What sector is the policy in – Public, Private, or Advocacy and what is your evidence for your choice?  Requires you to describe the sector and to provide evidence for your claim

·      Why did you select this policy?  Why are you interested in it?  This could be based on your personal experience, interest or could be selected for pragmatic reasons – i.e. ease of analysis etc.

·      Provide the actual title of the policy (“”) with the Policy ID – (usually a number) get an actual copy of the policy and attach it to your paper.


B.    Provide a short history of the problem that the policy seeks to address:  This should be several paragraphs in length to close to a page with references.  Also, provide a history of how the policy came into existence e.g.  The affordable care act can trace its roots at least as far back as President Clinton who gave the job to his wife, Hillary Clinton.


C.   History of the attempts to implement the policy:  No good policy lies dormant!  What efforts were made to implement the policy?  Provide a history of the attempts – should be a page or so – document with references if possible.


D.   What problems emerged as a result of the attempts to implement e.g. lack of money and/or complications (foreseen or unforeseen) that emerged.  What problems, therefore, still exist that block the successful implementation of the policy?


E.    Your recommendations to address some of the problems that exists with the policy.  Each recommendation provided should also have your reasons for the recommendation and your prediction of the possible consequences of making the change.


2.      Problem Analysis:


Steps A and B are the same as above with the exception that you do not have to identify a specific policy because you are going to propose a brand new one.


C.  Provide at least three alternative solutions that could solve the problem


D.  Criteria of Success – how would someone know that the policy that you propose will make an impact in addressing the problem.


E.    Your choice of one of the three alternatives – and why you are recommending it.


3.    Paper:


You have the option of selecting any topic that we have discussed in class and writing a short, modest research paper of at least five pages – double spaced, 12 point type.  Topics must be discussed with me prior to execution in order to insure the appropriateness of the topic.

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