Applying the Multidisciplinary Approach

Discussion Participation Scoring Guide .

Find an article in the Capella University Library that addresses a real-world problem from the field and complete the following:Write a clear, concise summary of the problem to be addressed.Analyze how you would apply each step of the multidisciplinary approach to address the problem. For example:What data might be collected?Who should be included in the dialogue?what should be addressed during collaboration?What is the recommended course of action?Who should communicate the course of action?What should be discussed and with whom?Step back and reflect on your analysis. How did your analysis of what should happen differ from the article’s description of what actually occurred?Response Guidelines

Respond to at least two peers, analyzing the case that they presented and the one that you reviewed for this assignment. What were the similarities and differences? Provide a final analysis of some of the challenges that seem to be present when applying a multidisciplinary approach.

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