·         As we learned from our textbook reading this week gang problems are often difficult to assess, and gangs are often shrouded in myths, which can lead to ineffective community responses. Based on your reading this week, select three (3) myths about gangs that you found most interesting. Next, for each of the myths you selected provide one (1) example that debunks each of your chosen myths.

First myth about gangs is that they are always connected with drugs and violence.

Second myth ” A wanna Be” is “Gonna be ”   it is possible for someone to be denied access to joining a gang because of the failure to complete the tasks given to him or her.

Third myth most gangs are organized and are ruthless


·         Using the Internet and review several articles or journals dealing with gangs then based on your review identify three (3) myths depicted in your selected articles or journals. In your response provide a citation for each of the resources you are discussing along with a brief explanation as to why you believe that myth applies to that article or journal.



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