Prezi- 10 slides

SSCU 303 Assignment #1: Media Interview Project

Assignment relates to CLOS: 1, 3, 4 & 6


The goal of this signature assignment is to find out how culture and demographics impact how people use and interpret the media. Click here for Assignment Video: Media Interview Project.

Course Learning Objectives:

1.  Explain the relationship between communication and culture.

3. Identify trends in sociocultural communication and society.

4. Illustrate how people use media based on culture and society.

6. Predict media access based on culture and demographics.


Step 1: Choose a social or cultural group you are familiar with. This group could be: Your family Friend group Religious group Ethnic or cultural group Team you are part of Social network Professional group

Step 2: Develop your questions  Develop your questions based on the items you will include in your presentation below. Submit your questions for Instructor feedback via the Blackboard Media Interview Wiki prior to conducting your interview (Due Week 2).

Step 3: Interview the group Select 6-10 members of this group to interview about their use of media: This can be done online or face-to-face. Collect your data – either via email, texting, phone, or social media.

Step 4: Create a presentation Develop your presentation in a Prezi (10 slides), PowerPoint (10-15 slides) or PowToon 2-3 minutes (Refer to “Prezi, PowToon and PowerPoint Resources” folder within the Course Information tab in Blackboard for tutorials on how to create these types of presentation) and include the following in your presentation: Describe the group- who are they? Describe group characteristics- like what are their ages? What is their gender? Do they all live in the same place? (please make some charts or graphs to share this information) What form of media/social media- does this group use the most?  Why?  Does this group use media/social media that you must pay for or is it free? Does this group identify as being some sort of a community? If so, please describe that community Does this group use media/social media for social change? Why and how? Does this group have a goal or purpose? Do they media/social media to accomplish this purpose? If so, how? What is your overall evaluation of this group and its use of media/social media? (Summary)

Step 5: Post your final presentation for peer review  Post your presentation (or a link to your presentation) in the Media Interview Project Discussion Board (WK 5 – Final Media Interview Project Presentation) Review a minimum of two other classmates’ presentations and provide substantive feedback to them for the potential of full points.

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