ECN 121B University of California Davis Standing up For Steel Case Write Up


answer three short questions within one page(single space)

Read the case “Standing up for Steel” in the case packet and briefly respond to the case question(s) below.
You are welcome to discuss the case as a group, but each person must write their own response. Responses
that are identical will not receive credit.
Based on your reading of the case, respond to the following question(s):

(a) Who are the winners and losers from steel tariffs?

(b) Referencing the class on political economy, what explains why the U.S. government might enact a
policy like steel tariffs?
(c) Big steel firms were initially against the steel tariffs, despite the fact that they would seem to
benefit from higher domestic steel prices. Later, they change their stance to favor steel tariffs.
later favored steel tariffs. What might explain why they weren’t in favor of steel tariffs throughout
the period?

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